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Get a PORTRAIT or PAINTING for yourself or a loved one,it's easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. GET IN CONTACT.  Contact me below or by email to get the ball rolling.  It's free!

Not quite sure exactly what you want? No worries! We can discuss everything fully before the process begins FOR FREE!!! We will not begin the process until we ensure the painting will come out to your specifications.  If you'd rather talk (I love to talk) leave your number and a good time for me to contact you.

2. GET TO WORK. Once we agree on design, size, and other preferences, we can get painting.


When we have an agreed upon design, I begin work once the first installment is made (I usually ask for about 50% of the final price upfront).  There may be need for contact during the process for any questions I have or any questions you have for me.  Allow 2-4 weeks for the painting to be complete, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Expedited pieces can be requested. You will be contacted as soon as I am finished and I will send you a picture of the final painting.

3. GET YOUR PAINTING.  Settle up, ship it out.


Once you are satisfied with the result, and the final payment is received, I ship out your painting.  That simple.

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